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Protection for Your Home!

You may never have a bigger or more valuable asset than your house so it’s critical that you protect it.

Take a moment to click on the homeowner online quote above to send us your information or call Janette or Elaine at (330)782-5621.

We will then be able to research our many companies to find you the best coverage for the best possible price. Let us design the policy that fits your needs.

Options and Advantages for Our Clients?

The benefits you get with the Steinhauser Agency are many.

All of our companies offer claims service 24/7 just refer to our Customer Services page for more information. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, call us, we’re here for fast service or counseling.

Let us insure both your house and car and we will see that you get package discounts. Do you want one bill for both? We can do that. We can even put your house, car, boat and a schedule of your jewelry or cameras on one policy.

What ever your problem may be, we can solve the puzzle! Just send us a completed quote from the drop down menu and we’ll work on your program.